Chapter 13 Financial Workshop Schedule

The workshop is free and will last for 2 hours. Workshops begin on time and LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Please arrive 15 minutes before workshop begins to receive your materials. There are 2 workshops, the Financial workshop and the IRS workshop. Please check to see that you are registering for the correct workshop. Please do not bring children. Due to limited seating, reservations must be made in advance by clicking the Registration form link next to the date of the class you want to attend. We need your name, case number, attorney name , phone number and email address.
In the event of inclement weather on your class date, please call 615 687 3210 for information.

Each person whose name is in the bankruptcy case must complete a registration form.
You will not receive an email confirmation for your class. Please save your date and time .

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