Chapter 13 Trustee
Henry E. Hildebrand, III,
Middle District of Tennessee

Accessing your case on the 13 DataCenter

After reading this information please select 'Proceed to My Data'. When you begin to access your chapter 13 case information you'll need a few things. First is your case number. It looks like 03-12345-KL3-13. The first 7 numbers are your 'case number' the example shown is 0312345. You won't need any dashes. The letters and numbers that follow are your Bankruptcy Judge initials, a region code and the type of bankruptcy you filed.

Now, you'll need your name. That's easy, but the NDC looks for your name to be entered as it appears on your petition. It would be good to have a document from the Chapter 13 Trustee's office in front of you showing the way your name appears.

If you have listed William James Smith Sr then you'll have to enter the first and middle name, William James in the box titled First Name.

The last name and the suffix Sr, Smith Sr will have to be entered in the Last Name box.

Please do not use any punctuation during this process. Following this you will be asked a quesiton about one of the creditors in your case.

You'll create a user account and then be permitted to access your case information. Please bear in mind that if you sent in a payment yesterday and are looking to see if it was received, it most likely won't be displayed until as long as 48 hours after receipt by the Trustee's office. The Chapter 13 Trustee's office does not control the NDC site. We do not have the ability to reset any information that you may have submitted during the registration process. We would suggest that in the event of a problem accessing your case that you leave a detailed message on their contact form. The NDC will respond to you as quickly as possible.The NDC contact information and phone numbers should notbe used to ask specific questions about your case. They are not permitted to answer any questions other than those related to accessing case data.

If you need assistance with your case information, please feel free to call your Chapter 13 Trustee's Office at 615 244 1101 and an Inquiry Analyst will assist you.

Proceed to My Data